Zodiac EP

by Buster Wolf

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released June 4, 2016

Tracks 1,2,4,5, and 6 Produced by Buster Wolf and Ryan Chavers
Track 3 Produced by DJ Proof

Tracks 1,2,4, and 5 written by Buster Wolf
Track 3 written by Buster Wolf and Artisan P
Track 6 written by Buster Wolf and Ryan Chavers

Engineered and Mixed by Chan Leonard and Ryan Chavers at Komplex Studios, Tallahassee, FL

Design by Lee Bretschneider - @breshnyda



all rights reserved


Fuzzzy Nickels Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Wait For the Wolf
Now, Buster Wolf's a vegetarian/ don't want no beef/ but getting plenty protein from eating wack mc's/ y todavia tengo sangre dripping from my teeth/ so please excuse the bloody maw when I'm out on the street/ I bang beats out/ percussive fists shift the Earth's axis/ these young cats at bat need to take note and practice/ I smack kids coming in my cypher half witted/ stole time from the gods and mastered my craft with it/ I mean I'm tapping into shit that's sacred and unknowable/ that's how I get the wolf pack howling when I got a show to do/ I never mince words/ disturbed herbs/ never whisper/ words often misheard, shallow minds splinter/ my heart pumps Brooklyn winters/ in the Summer stay sanguine/ stray cat that say that same song with strange language/ bet they didn't know the Buster Wolf was a geologist/ I mastered the science of breaking new ground and rocking it/ slept under the mantle since the neogene times/ learned to dig the carts and never build on faulty lines/ it's really real how I reside around the sound that isn't made/ I'm Kill La Kill, I slay the king with half a fucking scissor blade/ what?
Track Name: Mina Loy
dance with a somnambulist
soliloquies spin free
with a little sweet and subtle numbing me, simply
grip mics tight when i'm brandishing those
wolf stay lit with the chandelier souls
go get that, spit champion prose
bear witness to the fact that he dope
regicide for the cats that sat in the throne
don't fit with the pros so i'm lampin alone
got groundswell I shine like star shells
force of the flow is artesian wells
of course i can blow through your whole citadel
on a midnight train Zodiac carrousel
comparisons are odious - aint nobody close to this
homie, this - music cornucopia is copious
incontrovertible puerto rock b-boy
stellectric when i spit, leave blocks de-stroyed
unclear context be the mode i employ
same complex as the ghost in the droid
paranoid toys no stranger to the void
asteroid impact rap game mina loy

your language is in livery - i damage your vicinity
li-terally hittin these cats with wicked imagery
wolf is the epitome of wounding minds critically
critics don't interest me - never mind the industry
listen, b, this is the - entrance to infinity
manikins masquerade and manifest the mystery
take aim take stage my page make flame
old age so strange displayed with no shame
okay, cold days, I used to hop trains
overlook my city - snake through those veins
the panoramic visions are vivid and so gray
automatic prison - i'm livin in sold days
lunatics move to this soon as the gorove plays
and lindy hop with lucifer in pale moon rays
I, catalyst, leave you lost inside a labyrinth
master this, tongue be the dagger that I'm stabbin with
speak off beat leave your metronome home
freaks taught me only speak what I know
must not sleep, must make beats for poems
infect deep by the streets that I roamed
unclear context be the mode i employ
same complex as the ghost in the droid
paranoid toys no stranger to the void
asteroid impact rap game mina loy
Track Name: The Lotus
I traded grey for green like a palette swap/ astronaut - I don't drop the label/ I make the planet drop/ so where we landing/ 33 arrows in my back and still standing/ back to where we started like a palindrome/ WOLFFLOW/ scattered poems will shatter domes/ wishing that I could go/ to the era when we kept it forever zen/ veteran that write his crooked life with a clever pen/ this surly skeleton got words, he tellin them/ and trying to do my thing without a corporation meddling/ shit, they probably whitewash the melanin/ I'm brown on both sides/ mestizo and it's settled then/ ladies and gentlemen/ we are not entering/ the mind of a lycanthrope/ exhibit true mic control/ maybe this type of flow aint fit for the radio/ but even so, this dynamo will get up in your cranial

And now that I've built this up
not, not, sure, sure if I can fill this cup, but
even a lotus can come up from the mud
so keep your eyes on the horizon
it's about to erupt

started at the lunch table, took it to the stages/ played out like a fable/ wolf broke out the cages/ refusing to remain in any semblance of a stasis/ while embracing the likelihood of staying forever faceless/ not trying to occupy your space, kid/ I make my own art because I never liked tracing/ I do it just because of the love/ remember that?/ remember house parties with the cypher in the back?/ when battle raps didn't culminate in gun fights/ we beatboxed and freestyled from dusk til sunlight/ and one night I thought it just might/ be my destiny/ not be celebrity/ but just bring out the best in me/ cuz through this recipe of beats, rhymes, and melodies/ I found my true identity and I'ma shine tremendously/ even if, when I go, not a soul remembers me/ my songs will be my legacy, and to me that's heavenly
Track Name: Tic-Toc (Feat. Wood Thrush)
I wrote these lines
in the company of felines
white noise, muted flicks
and mason jars of cheap wine
rewind eight millimeters
worth of free time
read it off the paper
to remind me things will be fine
are these rhymes
just my chosen method to murder minutes
til the beard grows grey
and his wolf days are finished?
i've witnessed the litmus change colors
like autumn leaves abandoning trees in big numbers
like ladies changing faces
relationships gone under
like cicada wings after
17 year slumber
and i wonder
how much longer til i sail off
how much longer til i'm frail
and racked with a tell tale cough
that calls Thanatos
to reap his harvest
recycle my cold soul
bring it back to where it started
when I'm dearly departed
how long til I'm forgotten
will they speak ill of this cadaver
'fore his bones have started rotting?
pardon - but it keeps 40 winks to a fraction
when it all goes down
i'ma sink with the captain
don't think - it's time for some action
i ain't living like the dead
life isn't a closed casket

I wrote these lines while slouching in a cubicle
day dreaming of the cities that i've seen
all beautiful
walked this crooked earth from
cobblestone to catacombs
but wolf's just passing through
I've never really had a home
I'd rather roam
adding prose to this tattered tome
til both our spines are misaligned
my ghost will sing "i had to go"
and it's - truly nothing to be sad about
i lived doing what i loved
of that I've never really had a doubt
so what you worried for?
what you in a hurry for?
i'm taking time to fall in love
with every moment til I'm buried or
they tossing wolf's ashes off
the brooklyn bridge
remember me for who i was
and not for what i said and did
you better live
like all plans tentative
like you a representative
of how to dead the negative
just put that hope into practice
just be mindful of this moment
just be there when it happens
until I expire and that's all she wrote
I’m finding life in every breath
until I rock that pine overcoat

and I won't waste my time here
I'm doing just fine here
Track Name: Twice Upon a Time
While you were getting by
life was going by
time aint on your side
it's right behind you
holding a knife

peace to calliope silently stay providing me nothing but dope
discussion she hushing the voice inside of me
finally shining vibrantly
holding the mic mightily
decidedly dope - least i hope and so
i try to be

uncommon author rotary with the potency
poetry on percussion, we hustlin with the coterie
trusting i'll rock it globally, eventually
but locally - rip shows for those close to me - i'm where i'm post to be

i digress - penning the grotesque
spitting locusts from my lips
wolf be - the muddy lotus

every flow-is my opus, i'm rougish
so note this: if you coming bogus
drop your mics right now and put your throat where that rope is

wrote this - off no sleep, so prose deep
cities where where broken souls creep
they know me
hold these - sinister visions close-ly

sometime some rhyme in shady ways
with one line i radiate
like sunshine after a rainy day

nominate wolf for magistrate
he promise to serve roast duck daily on silver plate if they dare immitate
allow me to elaborate/ wolf the great/ next lp worth the wait/ or worth it's atomic weight in oro/ i'm auron the unsent, bent, i'm el torro/ you can get the horns when the kid perform solo/ lobo sink teeth deep in beats
might sneak in a low blow / it aint no mystery how bust muster up his energy for spirit bombs and limit these mc's for centuries/ expertly employ the extrasensory/ til entropy erodes the soul goes and I'm empty, see?/ meant to be on mics that's a fact irrefutable/
and no you can't have this beat your flow is not suitable/ you need something new to do / step off the stage if the culture isn't moving you/ or you can’t do what Louie do
wolf run with super crew of fresh cats that rep that wolfpack from here to where you rest at