Space Cadet EP

by Artisan P

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Artisan P's debut solo EP. Recorded in the bedroom.


released February 29, 2016

Artisan P - Tracks 1-5
Croosh - Track 3

Artisan P - Tracks 1, 5
DJ Proof - Tracks 2, 3
Mondrian Loop - Track 4

Mixed by Pat.

Photography by KM
Album Front Cover Layout by PA & KM
Album Back Cover by MenuOnes

R.I.P. Scapegoat



all rights reserved


Fuzzzy Nickels Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Sleep Paralysis
Creeping out a slumber, and for the life of me I didn't even notice the daydream I was under
Days blur like drunk nights, turn like a turnstile, work like a cycle of thoughts that seemed worthwhile
What melts drips from the ceiling, dead eyes vibrate from both ears that are ringing
Hold the phone, no one's home; vocals on my mobile phone
It's music to buy drugs to to take you to the outer zone

And just like that it drops, and it all makes sense now
Like the evidence in a defense trial
Eyes zoom in all that makes sense, which is nothing
So I'll be napping until my break ends
Catch me in the same slumber that I came with
Unless I pick another fight with the pavement
I hope this trip is nothing like the same shit
That traps us up and wraps us up in enslavement
I'm out for something new, and that's peace
Like sitting by the fire in the belly of the beat
I'm ready for the feast, I'm headed to the east
Not until I pour a little out for the deceased
Down to the floor, I'll pour a little more
But only 'cos they know that I've been here before
In the back of my mind, I'm working 10 times, that's fine
Only I'm a few weeks ahead of my time
I'm nursing an anxiety that's caffeinated
To make up for the spiffs, but I'm sure that's all related
That could be debated why you feel so irritated
That's further proof for the previously stated
Skated out to the south and I bounce
Like trash day trash on the Monday morning route
Where do we go? and when I wake, where will I end up?
And did I validate the parking pay stub
When I wake give my love to them all
'Cos you can't reach 10 when you're 3 feet tall
Track Name: Don't Be Long
If you can run the numbers this'll be the best summer
I promise to pull you from the gloom you've been under
Soon there'll be thunder as the black cloud pass
As we hit the ground running speeding fast on the gas
Peace. Miami in the rear-view mirror
Steer through clearer, approach of a new era
I feel fear of the notice of insufficient funds
Trading larger bills for tiny individual ones
Shit. Feel a little tension where my heart is
Pressure on the pedal as I'm pushing on my hardest
Every stop sign and every passing tollbooth
Every little town is another cycle we through
Itch. Anticipation inch by inch
I pace my breathing steps as I clench my fists
Keep watch, stay 5 above the limit
There's a voice in my head always ringing always singing

Don't be long.

If you could pick the splinters this would be the best winter
I'll dig a fire pit so that we can sit an enter
A new blue moon under a clear sky view
And let the ash burn just the way it likes to
Pop. Burning like the ashes from the coal
Burning like the whiskey trickling down to my soul
Observing all the obstacles, setting modern goals
Optimal maneuver when we're out rocking shows
Yeah. Call me king of the road
Always 10 steps ahead the rest of the fold
All I know, is when i infiltrate the airspace
It's a way to get a better view of the landscape
Planned escape, departure is certain
I just wanna change by the time we drop the curtain
Keep watch stay 5 above the limit
To hush the voice in my head always ringing always singing

Don't be long

If we could solve the problems this would be the best autumn
Clear up the air of whatever you wanna call them
I bought a little seed, and it grew into a dream
I could cradle it to sleep and give it all what it needs
There's no time to keep it brief, I just wanna leave
And based on what i've seen, there is reason to believe
Cross the state lines, second-guess landmines
It's a narrow vision when you occupy the stateside
Ain't no way to go but the other way
What a day, escape the shade, do not go out to play
I won't feel secure 'til we're out making moves
It's the only way I know, keeping still is a sin
I just want the altitude, I just want the distance
You and I can take the world all in an instant
I just wanna blow up and burst like a piston
I just want it now, I can't wait another minute, so

Don't be long
Track Name: Yellow f/ Croosh
in a room of cowards, you’re all of them
die a thousand deaths, but you still ain’t as tall as them
all that whackness you really need to let go
who knew you could be so yellow

hide behind fears, still wet behind the ears
it’s sad to see them stagnant after so many years
i grow with my peers, but i can stand alone
lung up a monologue bumping through the stereo
dial up a prayer and hope for the best
i revel in glory and float above the rest
cross check the references i put you to the test
all set with elements i settle in the nest
my oh my who are? and how you’d make it thru
the time is all now, so no it’s up to you
call your ass cos i knew you was bluffing
faking all the way to the days you were fronting
getting on the scene, hoping to be seen
idolize heroes life is but a dream
i could make it seem so easy in a millisecond
yellow-bellied cowards really need to get the stepping

in a room of cowards, you’re all of them
die a thousand deaths, but you still ain’t as tall as them
all that whackness you really need to let go
who knew you could be so yellow

Looking through my Blu Blockers, all I see is yellow/
The mood is mellow from the young fellow/
Nice as me? Hell no/
Like DOOM said on Space Ho's BYOB from the get go/
Trying to save 15 percent or more on tour with the Geico gecko/
Chilling with a chick from American Apparel with a face full of freckles/
When it comes to lyrics the whole squad swole/
I used to work at Costco, never crossed the line like Donnie Brasco/
Peddling down the yellow brick road in Oz yo/
The world is ours oh, I guess you were unaware/
Underprepared, please don't stare and it's impolite to point/
Blessed, got the power to anoint/
Boom Baptism with Artisan P and me on this Proof joint/

in a room of cowards, you’re all of them
die a thousand deaths, but you still ain’t as tall as them
all that whackness you really need to let go
who knew you could be so yellow

there’s no room for you, make room for me
make room for Croosh and the Dioscuri
we work the day shift, from noon to noon
coming soon to a stereo near you
back to back, Proof flips tracks like an acrobat
it’s all facts when he knocks you off of your balance act
you wouldn’t step into the ring when you see what i bring
you wouldn’t feel a thing when i wind up to swing
it’s whatever, do it all, bite em all
above the law rhymes hold tight like a tiger’s jaw
you might’ve saw what you actually didn’t
kid quit it, couldn’t see you to get with it
summer gloom, another wasted afternoon
hide ya face, if you can’t handle bad news
we pay dues and we rack up the mileage
and never looking down no matter how high we get

in a room of cowards, you’re all of them
die a thousand deaths, but you still ain’t as tall as them
all that whackness you really need to let go
who knew you could be so yellow
Track Name: Space Cadet
they're looking at you
no matter what you do, they always looking at you

the napping guard dogs, they looking at you
your neighbors, they looking at you
from up in the air, they looking at you
no matter you do, they always looking at you

when i ain’t lurking in the basement, i flirt with patience
i’m working on learning how it benefits the cadence
i had this vision where i can see the future
find another living cos this life won’t suit ya
saw you in the city tryna make it to the first place
on an obstacle of a never ending staircase
what you got ain’t gold with some syrup on top
but more like the bottom prize of a cereal box
the beat bops, like a backpacker’s neck bone
in the front row of at inspektah deck show
and when the check flows i cash it for my liver’s sake
i’m a can eat the whole meal and filler up the tank
i’m ain’t opposed to the the lush life of lavish
i just need enough to feed those demands for cabbage
nothing as it seems the mirror proved average
all you’re hyping for is just a big heap of baggage

they're looking at you
no matter what you do, they always looking at you

unlike the others you are blind to the opulence
deaf to the never loving cries of the populace
don’t raise a white flag cos the art is arduous
start from the heart so you wouldn’t dare to argue this
press eject, once you recognize the defects
pick apart the pieces step away from the presets
and when you blow up, you should think of me next
evasion’s a way to deal with routine steps
they’re looking at you, they also look at i
so i’m shooting for the stars, steady aiming for the sky
middle finger to them haters, who thought i was worthless
eyes stare ahead cause no comfort in the nervous
if they see how we do beneath the surface
then devils would revel in the passion of your purpose
and we breathe true because the work is worth it
and we keep it fuzzzy its the way we prefer it

they suffer from
delusions of grandeur, the acts of pretension
so you can find me
90 million miles - mid air suspension
Track Name: The Night Before
I sit atop the roof underneath a purple sky
Wind's blowing in my face, I'm watching the burning sun rise
I'm chilling; a warm memory slips through my mind
The one where you and me were just sitting and tryna find
A reasonable, convincing reason why all this exists
The relationship between us and this crazy world of twists
This world of kids, world of rebels, jerks, and pacifists
Magic tricks, world of doughnuts, atheists, and tragic lists
I sigh a sigh of relief, I remember you're still here
And after a sleepless night, I still find myself here
Oh I'm chilling, enjoying the morning and its beautiful sounds
But I have to jump off the roof into the pool, it's the only way to get down
I quietly sneak in our bedroom, you're still sleeping
I have a wonderful treat for you and for this evening
But that's if we survive another long and stressful day
'Cos damn, I'm still tryna recover from yesterday

So I tip-toe out to start the coffee
And I sip slow, tryna get this tired off me
I take a glass of water and a shot of Listerene
Then I brush off my shirt, ok now I'm clean
I relax, I look for my keys
I speed fast as I'm looking through my jeans
I find them, I'm out, I blow a kiss goodbye
And it's off into the world, I'll see you later back tonight

I'll see you later, alright, I got some things I gotta do
And soon as I'm donw, I'll do my best to call you
But for now, I'm high off ambition and expectations
It's now or never, so I better learn to have some patience...